IPPro is an intellectual property consulting firm that is dedicated to helping its clients protect and value their innovations. Our main mission is to provide our clients with the best advice in the best conditions and at the best time.

Our consulting services are toward public and private economic actors as well as innovative project leaders. We support our clients in the protection and enhancement of their innovations through a process involving the inventor or creator at the center of any action.

Our multidisciplinary team provides specific support to each of our clients in various areas of intellectual property as well as the implementation of an IP strategy.

Intellectual property


Patent is an industrial property title, which enables having the monopoly over an invention against any kind of exploitation. This title is awarded only temporarily, for a maximum period of 20 years



The trademark which is an identifying mark constitutes the main tool that the majority of companies use. It enables distinguishing the products or services of one enterprise from the products or services of other enterprises to ensure establishing its profile in the market.

Designs and models

Industrial designs and models are very useful for designers and artists for they allow the protection of the esthetic or ornamental aspect of your objects. It can be three-dimensional (it is then the form or the surface of the object) or two-dimensional (eg, an assembly of lines and colors).

Intellectual Property for innovation